About Us


Our mission is to serve the public through the promotion of optimal nutrition, health and well-being.

2018-2019 Board Directory:

President Kayla Melanson  
President-Elect Vacant  
Past-President Megan Callahan  
Secretary Megan Craven  
Treasurer Mallory Grassmuck  
Council on Practice Chair Courtney Bothwell  
Council on Practice Co-Chair Rebecca Mount  
Nominating Committee Rebecca McConville  
 Nominating Committee Co-Chairs Robyn Steuwe, Jennifer Egeland  
KS Legislation  Vacant  
MO Legislation  Adrienne Pullins  
PR/Social Media Chair  Erin Lindhorst  
PR/Social Media Co-Chair  Vacant  
Fundraising Chair Aimee Truetken  
Fundraising Co-Chair Vacant  
Community Engagement Coordinator Aimee Truetken  
Website- Membership Chair Lindsey Vaughn  
Website- Membership Co-Chair Vacant  
Awards and Honors Chair Rachel Simpson  
Awards and Honors Co-Chair Vacant  
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